Product Warranty

Care Connection Plus Nebulizer/Compressor Warranty Policy

Each Care Connection Plus nebulizer/compressor has a 5-year warranty.

A replacement nebulizer/compressor will not be replaced, if the patient has failed to change their nebulizer cup within the designated time frame.

* Disposable nebulizer cups need to be changed monthly.
* Reusable nebulizer cups need to be changed every six months.

All replacement nebulizer cups can be purchased through Care Connection Plus.
Re-order nebulizer cups online now.
Call in re-orders over the phone at 1-800-919-3942 Opt 3. (Shipping Dept.) All major credit cards are accepted as well as personal checks.

Compressors may be replaced immediately if the unit does not turn on what so ever. If the compressor does not turn on and makes a rumbling sound then the compressor may be replaced as well.

If the nebulizer/compressor was stolen, burned in a fire, or damaged in a flood, the unit is not covered under warranty. The patient needs to check with their homeowners or renter’s insurance policy for replacement. Patient can also purchase a new nebulizer unit from Care Connection Plus.

Nebulizer/Compressor Unit Purchased at Physician Office via Insurance Billing

If the patient is in need of a new nebulizer unit, we ask that the patient call the CCP office at 1-800-919-3942. We need to confirm the original nebulizer/compressor received was paid on by the patient’s insurance carrier. No replacements will be made until ALL balances are paid.

The compressor unit must be older than 1 year in order to receive a replacement through the referring physician’s office.

If the unit is older than 1 year, then the unit must be shipped back to Care Connection Plus and upon receipt of the broken unit, a new replacement will be shipped. Patient would need to include a check or credit card payment of $9.95 for return shipment via FedEx ground. Without payment for return shipment, the unit will not be shipped until payment is received.